Book of Mormon Side-by-Side: English | Spanish (Spanish Edition)

The Book of Mormon Side-by-Side: English | Spanish is a bilingual book for Latter-day Saints in which the two languages are placed next to each other on the same page. The Book of Mormon text is unaltered and only arranged so that the reader does not need to go back and forth between two copies of the Book of Mormon in different languages. If you speak a second language or are learning a second language, you will love this! This is a great gift for an LDS recent convert or a missionary. It is also the perfect birthday / Christmas gift for any bilingual Latter-day Saint. Returned missionaries can also keep up on their acquired language by studying from the dual language Book of Mormon. For additional languages or to request a new language combination, please visit The idea for this book was originally conceived when the author was on his mission in Sydney Australia where he was called to serve Korean speaking. Reading side-by-side while looking at two scriptures with verses on different pages was difficult and clumsy. Fast forward about 5 years, he saw that his mother-in-law was copy/pasting the Korean and English Book of Mormon in Microsoft Word and printing it on her home printer in order to read them together. As a side project, he created a crude copy for his mother-in-law and his mother (both native Korean speakers) using a self-publishing platform and produced three copies. In 2015, he was working with an investigator who spoke Korean natively and was learning English. He let her borrow his copy of the original version and decided to revisit the project to expand it out for all available languages. The project started with the top LDS languages and is continuing to expand.

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