Spanish for Kids: 10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and English (Beginning to Learn Spanish) Set 1 by Language Together

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Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, Spanish for Kids Set 1 is for early beginners ages 3-8. The unique Spot Color Immersion Method® weaves vocabulary words into first readers that build confidence. Children read each page independently (or with help from the online audio narration and English translation at the back) and soon finish the 16-page little readers in Spanish. Set 1 features:

  • 10 easy readers, each with a simple storyline, useful words and expressions, and 10 theme vocabulary words
  • Themes: Family, Animals, Clothing, Colors, Face/Body, Fruit, Numbers, Shapes, Snacks, Toys
  • One line of Spanish text per page following a repetition structure (proven to speed learning)
  • English translation at the back
  • Bilingual vocabulary charts on the inside cover
  • Online audio recorded by a native Spanish teacher (adults don’t need to help with pronunciation)

A perfect first series for preschool and elementary school children who are beginning to learn Spanish. Toddlers can listen and look. Illustrations by Nancy Meyers, recipient of the American Library Association 2018 Geisel Honor.

Why parents and teachers love Language Together®:

  • CONFIDENCE-BUILDER FOR BEGINNERS. Languages can be intimidating, but kids quickly finish these 16-page Spanish readers and proudly exclaim “I read this little story on my own–in a new language!”
  • APPEALS TO DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES. Visual learners naturally understand the meaning of words when reinforced by color and pictures.
  • ENGAGING READERS. Kids lose interest in flash cards but are captivated by words in a story.
  • CONTEXT. Second language books often present words in isolation. Kids learn with ease–like native speakers–when words are in meaningful context.
  • FLEXIBLE SUPPLEMENT. Used in schools and homes to supplement flash cards and workbooks. A free downloadable Teacher’s Guide is available.

Makes learning Spanish fun and non-intimidating for a beginner. Set 1 presents simple words and sentences in 10 easy to read short stories. Bilingual vocabulary lists and English translation at the back of each reader.
Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, the Spot Color Immersion Method® has the essentials kids ages 2-8 need for early language success: story-based immersion, strong picture support with visual cues, simple text, repetition and more.
100 theme words and 50+ high-frequency words and expressions. Themes: Family * Animals * Clothing * Colors * Face & Body * Fruit * Numbers * Shapes * Snacks * Toys. Fun phrases and cultural lingo: ¡Qué rico! * ¡Salud! * ¡Qué buena vida.
Designed for young learners to use independently or with help from the online native speaker audio. Children will soon be able to finish each 16-page book on their own–giving them confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
For home or school use. A perfect first series for babies, toddlers and preschool to elementary children. An indispensable tool for kids beginning to learn to read and speak Spanish.

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